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We have five very special little people that God has placed into our lives.  Noah Keller,  Shaina Elysse, Katherine Joanne, Wesley Michael, & Caleb Nathaniel is our newest addition.  They each bring such joy and delight to our hearts and we thank God continually for allowing us the privilege of raising them for Him.   What a responsibility and cause for daily prayer!  Our greatest desire is to raise another generation who will never lag in zeal and in ernest endeavor but always be aglow, burning with the Spirit of God in their heart, serving the Lord! 

Romans 12:11 (Amplified Bible)

Testing, Tears, and Triumph:

Many of you know that Carlee was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 29, 2009.   She was expecting Caleb at the time, and shared via blog with the friends all around the world as we began this journey.   We know that the prayers of those friends and strangers have helped hold us together.  The first week was extremely difficult, as she began testing to determine the extent of her cancer, and wee Caleb fought for his little life. 

It’s hard to imagine that two years have gone by.  Caleb is well and strong, for which we are so grateful. Carlee went through chemo, a double mastectomy, and then radiation in the beginning months of 2010, as well as more chemo.  

We feel in many ways that we have spent the last year slowly returning to life.  At times it is a lovely thing to be alive, living here in Alaska, and enjoying our children as they grow.  At times there is still a lot of painful growing as we realize that the effects of our battle with cancer are still a  daily part of our life. We aren’t sure of what’s ahead, but we trust God with it.   At this point, Carlee is considered cancer free and we are hoping and praying to keep it that way!


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This is Caleb with his Baby Duck... Actually it’s a monster truck he’s wrapped in his snuggly, but the way he says truck is pretty funny.  :)

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  1. 1.Noah Keller

  2. 2.Shaina Elysse

  3. 3.Katherine Joanne

  4. 4.Wesley Michael

  5. 5.Caleb Nathaniel

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